Dienstag, 15. August 2017

My Sport routine

So as I mentioned last week or so on my IG, I will give you insight in my sport routine.
I am not a super extreme sporty person, but I really enjoy it and I would also say I need it in my life, sometimes more sometime less. Especially this year I struggled a lot with moods and sport developed to be a huge help for it. I go 1-4 times a week (when I am travelling I normally don't do sports but I am mostly very busy and active when I am away) and I train for exact 35 plus 10 min of stretching afterwards, so I takes me like 55 minutes in total because my studio ist pretty near to my apartment.

'Studio?! So I can only do it in the studio?'

NO! So that is the point, you could do my programs at home with just a little equipment.

You (could) need:

- aerobic stepper (you can do so many things with it and it does not take up so much space)
- weights, as you prefer (I tend to use 2 kg, 6 kg the most)
- gymnastic ball (not very necessary but there are some very cool things you can do with it and I always include it)
- yoga mat (its up to you, but I find some exercises hurt if you do not have something underneath)
- A clear timer so you can keep track of time while training

So what I do is called HIIT, I want to give you the information short and clear, because nobody wants t read a text and note everything down while reading right?

- I always do the exercises alternately so:
 - one cardio exercise, some are more chill and some really bring your heart rate up and that is what we want (jumping jacks, burpees, squats with a jump on the stepper, knee running, stepper jumps, sprints) if you google HIIT you will find a lot ideas  :)

then -> one exercise that is for muscle grow (generally everything that contains lifting weights, then I do something that is like reverse sit ups but on the gymnastic ball this is my favourite back exercise, sit ups, planks, normal squats, side plank, leg lift, etc.)

- I do every exercise for 55 seconds and then I change, no breaks.

So thats it practically all I do, Its fast its efficient and Its actually fun, because you can change up the routine super easy and its not getting boring. You can also adjust the level very good depending on your mood or fitness.

I also sometimes include some jogging in my week only like 20-25 minutes, but as I get problems with my knees whenever i do I am thinking of joining a swimming club lately.

Hope I helped you guys,



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