Donnerstag, 10. August 2017

My 2 Day trip to Roermond

Hello guys,
as you probably saw on my Instagram I was invited to visit Roermond last week, which is just a one hour drive from my hometown Cologne. Roermond is mostly know for its huge Outlet, but it also is a beautiful small city near the water. In April 2017 the Outlet became even bigger and added 50 new shops to its terrain (for example Adidas, Maje, Carhartt, Cinque,  Zadig&Voltaire). My last memory about the Outlet was eating fries when I was like 12 or 13, but they also expanded the whole food areas and you can get really good vegan and vegetarian dishes in the new restaurants. When I was a kid I actually never realised that there is a real city around the outlet with an old city centre and the typical cute and cozy houses. The second reason why I am collaborating with McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Roermond  besides the expanding of the outlet is the current huge sale, which I got to check out (until the 13.08.2017).  But lets get into my two days there chronologically:

On thursday morning I got picked up at my house with a fancy car, haha. I almost fell asleep in there as I was super tired from the weeks before, but also exited because my last trip was like 8 years ago.
After I arrived I walked around for a bit and got some information for my stay. After that I went to my Hotel called Het Arresthuis to drop my stuff and refresh.

The hotel was amazing and had a super cool story: It was a real prison (like you see in movies) until the year 2007 and when they transformed it into a hotel they kept a lot of the original material like the cell doors and as you see on the picture the whole structure inside pretty much stayed the same. There are photographys in every room which match the theme of the room or the prison idea in general. As I stayed in the judge suite, my room had an old black and photography of American judges, which was super impressive. Other rooms had portraits of real prisoners, which had either life sentence or death sentence, and I also saw a picture of the inscriptions of the inmates. I got super exited when I saw the bathtub of my suite and already planned out to lay in there after my shopping trip to relax, because sadly I do not have a bathtub at home.

I decided to walk back to the outlet (10 min walk) to explore a little of the old city centre and as I am me I got lost, so it took me like 20 minute to get back, haha. The weather was ok, but a little cloudy, nothing that bothers me, but I decided to wear a beanie and a coat.
The first store I went to was Sandro, I fell in love with it a view weeks ago and of course I directly found a coat (see alls my pictures below). After that I decided to go to Starbucks, I hadn't been to one in ages and when I got out with my green tea latte the sun was shining and the weather totally cleared up for the rest of the day, I swear to you I was super sweaty at the end of the day, but it was worth it.

My goal was to find a whole Look that I could shoot on the next day and I found a suit that was made for me at Strenesse, it's super comfy, stretchy and green like our wall in the living room! I also got a white big bag (I own some big ones, but none of them fits my laptop) from Furla which was on the big summer sale and it was 50 percent off, yay. One thing I also bought unplanned is my very first designer bag, wich I already showed you on Instagram, but you can see it again in the pictures below. All in all it was very successful day of shopping. I had a very delicious Meal at the Wagamama and when you go upstairs you have great view on the river that flows next to the center. I walked back to the hotel by feet along the water and enjoyed walking in the sun.

I ended up staying in my hotel room, having a bath, watching Orange is the new black and ordering from the room service. #Whatalife

I woke up early the next day and headed back to the outlet after breakfast to shoot my look, how do you like it by the way? All in all it was a very nice stay and I am thankful for this fun collaboration and all the people who made it so comfortable and pleasing.

The center is opened until 9 pm 363 days a year and also offers wifi and ATM for example.

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  1. Ach Nanda, die Fotos harmonieren so sehr, einfach wunderbar!
    Und Orange is the new black habe ich wirklich duchgesuchtet, haha.

    Eine dicke Umarmung von den Philippinen, Love. Laura