Montag, 12. Juni 2017

How I prepare my Hair - Uh it's a rhyme - Product review


So guys,

I think I want to write this posting in english, because I get a lot of questions everyday about my hair and I just want to show you in this post how I treat it. Don't be to hard on me for my mistakes in this language. It depends on how I want my hair - straight or curly - I have to treat it differently in the shower and afterwards. In the last weeks I got to test all products of the new Botanical Fresh Care and developed my new routine.

Some quick facts:
- Silicone free
- Parabene free
- Free from artificial colours
- Oil of botanical ingredients like coriander, safflower, geranium and camelina
- Bottles are 100% recyclable

So let's get right into it...

The curly way: When I want my hair to be curly, it needs to be strong but light and 'smooth' at the same time. Under the shower I only use the coriander shampoo and wash it out with hot water, then I blow-dry my hair for about 3 minutes with a diffuser (do not use the hottest and strongest mode, do it slow and on medium heat). After that, I put the coriander leave-in treatment in my towel dry hair, smells super good and gives some extra shine and grip to my hair.

The straight and shiny way: When I want to straighten my hair I really need to prepare it in the shower, otherwise it will take me a super duper long time and also will look kind of frizzy. I use the camelina shampoo as I found this works the best for combing my hair under the shower (I use a tangle teezer for that). Then I use the camelina conditioner or when I have time the treatment for about 3 minutes. I wash my hair out with cold water this time, afterwards I blow dry it cold without a diffuser. Then I use my mini straightener (perfect for short hair and fringes) and with the geranium elixir leave in product I finish the look.

So that's how I do it, do you have any extra hints and did you find my routine helpful?

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  1. Die Linie hört sich mega spannend an! muss ich mir dringend mal ansehen!!! Danke für den Tipp!

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